Elektron Syntakt In-Depth Review

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new Elektron Syntakt.

The Elektron Syntakt is a 12-track drum computer & synthesizer that combines analog & digital synthesis.

The video offers a detailed review of Syntakt, including a walkthrough of its digital and analog machines, analog effects block, sequencing and more.

Check it out and share your thoughts on the Syntakt in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:35 Overview
4:35 Connectivity
5:30 Project scope
7:05 Panel layout
10:10 Digital machines
17:45 Analog machines
23:10 Analog FX Block
25:15 FX sequencing
26:45 Trig mods
28:50 Sequencing
29:30 Patterns & scales
30:50 Grid rec
31:30 Live rec
31:50 Step rec
32:45 Param locks
34:20 Conditional trigs
35:40 Filters
37:05 LFOs
38:45 Digital FX
39:55 Mixer
40:10 MIDI sequencing
42:00 Sound banks
42:35 Expression
43:20 Misc combos
44:05 Pattern chains
44:45 Pros & cons
48:05 Factory patterns

32 thoughts on “Elektron Syntakt In-Depth Review

    1. id agree its true that any *proper* drum machine needs multiple outs, because the kick and snare always needs their own channel to really hit hard as hell

      1. @Sabazios You are absolutly right and Elektron agrees with you. (You can have 10 audio outputs if you want to spend an extra $700 for their flagship drum machine.) The other commenters are also correct that Overbrige works. Or you can mute tracks and record them one at a time. It is just a question of price vs. features/convenience.

        1. i mean, i already own a Rytm, so i have that aspect covered

          but ultimately if i was using it as a drum machine, i would need it to have more than just one stereo output as well, so Id be using this more like a synth/sequencer anyways

    2. There is a software called Overbridge, which functions as a standalone DAW, or as a plugin for your favorite DAW, which turns the box into a class-compliant interface that streams all 12 channels right into your DAW. Are you using a reel to make your precious recordings, or are you complaining repeatedly for no good reason?

      I’m not saying Overbridge is the second coming of christ, but it’s a really good compromise considering most people who buy this thing probably have a 2 or 4 track interface and couldn’t make proper use of the individual tracks anyway.

    3. I was surprised about this too. I’m thinking– is everyone using this just mixing down to two channels?
      Loopop’s review explains there are multitracking capabilities via the USB out, though it requires a computer to manage that.
      Still, that at least opens up the door for quality recording directly into a DAW, though no direct routing thru hardware FX or EQ

    4. If overbridge functions in the same way as on the digitakt, you can separate out each track via the plugin, which is actually a more efficient solution for me than individual analogue outs.

    5. Agreed. No matter how cool you might think Overbridge is today, at some point in the future it will break and/or no longer be supported, and then you have a box with only two outputs again. If you feel you can extract all the value out of this box in the next 5-10 years, go for it. But if you want it around longer than that, be prepared for only two outputs, sooner than you would like.

    6. Agreed. I use all the various ins/outs on my machinedrum and monomachine, they’re very important for getting interesting mixes, chains, voices. I am using rack effects, pedals, tape machines. everyone here that says “use a DAW or Overbridge” means they aren’t thinking about hardware anymore

      Im buying hardware because I want to use it with OTHER hardware.

  1. Happy there is a new digi! Was afraid Elektron would turn to model this and that.
    Not sure about it already have the Rytm and A4 i feel it would extend it a bit maybe not enough to justify.
    Nice to see a new sound source from them!

  2. Mine is on the way, shipped from the source. I’ll be improperly single outputting the hell out of this thing.

  3. Syntakt is like every elektron device condensed into one box!
    Swiss army knive of grooveboxes and then it is also an audio interface.
    Multitrack Audio over USB is also great! (Wierd that so few instruments from other brands do this in 2022.)
    Does anything but sampling.

    One Request for the Digitakt, Digitone & Syntakt Trio:

    PLZ ELEKTRON! Let us Save Pattern Chains!

    1. i’m curious why they left out song mode for these. Could not be a technical thing could it, must be price or incentive to buy other gear. Most of their gear feels like the code base could just be copied over to the next machine. Design new sound engines analog or FPGA connect it to the application.
      That sad leave out song mode saves on testing.
      I like to use song mode so i mis it on this product line definitely.

  4. You can process external audio through digital FX and Analog filter and distortion so a bit of ‘Anlogue Heat’ in there as well…

  5. I might sell off my mini nova, circuit, and micro brute, and get this.

    Probably keep my minilogue, have to see what this is like in person.

  6. Overbridge can be used to route individual tracks to outputs of an audio interface if one requires external processing. Maybe not as elegant as coming out of the machine directly, but at least there’s a workaround.

  7. Most of these in-depth reviews don’t include details about step rates and swing. Perhaps it was covered in some other Loopop vids. But it would be nice to know these basic things:

    1. Triplet/Tuplet friendly? (What are the rate scales and how do they translate to step rates?)
    2. Is there a swing option? (Is it always just delaying even-numbered steps per beat –i.e. resetting on each beat?)
    3. Is there micro-timing, and how easy is it to use?
    4. How is tempo control handled? Per pattern, per track, automate-able?

    Granted, most users don’t know or care, but it does make a difference for the kinds of creative work you can do.

    1. on digitakt and digitone there is global swing but not per track. it sounds good.

      tempo and swing are recalled per pattern. there is tempo scaling per track 1x, 2x, 1/2x, etc. i think there is a 3x or 3/4x to get triplets. i never use that so others will have to elaborate. there is not a setting for exactly triplets, but there is a couple different workarounds with retrigs and microtiming.

      there is microtiming and it’s super easy. just hold the step you want to microtime and press left or right.

      1. Thanks, @crall. I was just curious, but it is interesting to know how these different products handle such things. I’m always intrigued by these kinds of groove boxes, and this one has lots of “candy” that captures my imagination.

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