Isla Instruments S2400 Adds E-Mu SP1200 Floppy Disk Backwards Compatibility (Sneak Preview)

Isla Instruments shared this sneak preview of new cross-compatibility features in an upcoming S2400 firmware update.

The video demonstrates extracting sample, sequence and song data from an E-Mu SP1200 disk.

Pricing and Availability

A limited quantity pre-orders are now avaialble for the S2400 at $1499

27 thoughts on “Isla Instruments S2400 Adds E-Mu SP1200 Floppy Disk Backwards Compatibility (Sneak Preview)

  1. Why and what for? At some point I will own an s2400, I just have to try it out and this update may attract a very small audience BUT I would spend my money way faster for some other features, who knows what, just not this?!
    Never understood backwards compatability, like the folks excited to play their old Xbox games on the newest Xbox. Why?

    1. People that own an SP1200 want to be able to open their old projects – seems obvious.

      SP1200 are too valuable to perform live with, this makes it easy to move your stuff to a newer machine that’s not a collector’s item.

      I could also see people getting an S2400, selling their SP1200, and being thousands ahead.

      1. Count the amount of people who own an original SP1200, then subtract the ones who dont perform live or just use it in the studio. That amount of people were worth the backwards compatability development cycle. I know im being ignorant, thats obvious, but its still worth the question. I’m sure its a passion project thing so kudos to him for doing his thing, he can do what he wants but im just commenting on its merits. There’s a firmware war happening right now, with the MPC Live 2, Sp 404 MK2, hopefully the octatrack again, the Maschine is done so who cares. Firmware updates have the potential to move product, just didnt think this moved anything.

      1. A reply means you care, and I appreciate it moe than you know. Also appreciate all the animosity. I remember when everyone was complaining about the Kordbot firmware when this was announced. Now he releases this “maybe someone will use it” firmware and everyone turns their phasers on stun at any comment disagreeing with its development and uses. Funny thing is, not one person said I cant wait to transfer my EMU files over to my S2400, taking such a strong stance on a product you dont own and probably never will. I’m asking questions because im about $400 of used gear sales away from buying one. Firmware bug fixes and UX improvements move the needle for me, not this. Makes me feel like the next update will include NES games like the polyend tracker.

        1. do you understand it will be possible to import samples directly from an old akai mpc’s and other famous samplers floppys? people have loads of them, i have some i will be happy to use again.
          check out this video youtube comment section for more justifications 🙂

          1. I did and I saw a guy saying “I wish this had internal EQ, a compressor and FX” and Isla replied “In development”. Thats my point. Do I worry about transfering my samples from a beat I made in 1996 or do /i want to add some compression to the track on my NEW $1400 S2400. To be extremely clear, backwards compatability is fine if thats something you’d benefit from BUT a lot of folks, across the board, if they own this machine would benefit from a solid foundation which includes less bugs and more FX and functionality.

        2. So you don’t care to check the forum to understand it is a requested feature but you say it not.
          You didn’t read the impressive list of added abilities ui and bug fix but you continue complaining they don’t exist
          All of that because of a title of a video you didn’t really watched that demo only one new feature from a long list of features planed on the next update?

          You know, we are all friends here, can we help?

          1. You got me. I only commented on what was presented, didnt dig through forums, didnt find the list of bug fixes and added features, didnt do any of that at all. Thanks for being the guy that told me that stuff exist somewhere, had no idea. Kind of the point in asking questions, just gotta take a beating to find the useful information, its the internet. One thing, never said no one requested this feature, just wondered how many and if it was worth it. I still dont think it is to be honest, stab me if you want, again, its th einternet, we’re all supposed to agree. I got samples on my SP 808 in my garage, great samples too. If someone were to create a way for me to quickly transfer those samples, I wouldnt. And there is already a way and I still havent. Just not my bag really so thats where my ignorance comes from. So much to sample and create, keep moving forward, I guess.

  2. This feature was being requested before the first S2400 was built so there was obviously interest in having this capability. Chiara makes some good points.

  3. Imho, a percusion sampler that cant do velocity to amp decay (hit pad harder to play back more of the sample) is missing the point.

      1. I wonder if these people understand the most basic things about percussions,
        you hit it harder you get a longer sound. 😉
        this cant do that, fail. back to the drawing board. won’t buy.
        enjoy your velocity layered junk 😉

        1. you consider it basic but most don’t seem to care, its all preordered before it shipped so i dont think they will reconsider the all instrument because of you.
          could be nice, its very possible they will add a mapping to the velocity but i don’t care about it much,
          If this parameter is controlled by midi you can do that with external pad connected to the usb host.
          i would prefer it will not have pads at all. pads always look so ugly to me on any instrument.
          but what ever they choose is important is fine by me, they are clearly not aiming at “basic”, they don’t need to get in line with others and i prefer to focus on what an instrument can do and not what it can not.

          1. I prefer to play things instead of editing level and decay later so that they make sense together.
            its to much unnecessary work for my taste. everytime you change it here you have to change it there too.
            just because things have been done that way in the past I really dont need to repeat that. Retro is biting itself in the ass here, because they refuse to think in new ways.
            they have an interesting product, but this is the deal breaker for me.

            1. the other trick is really simple but works the same way
              load open HH sample, set velo to amp and amp decay up
              here gos your open and closed HH
              needs only one voice/channel and no choke groups, no other samples, no heavy editing, nothing
              I do this with 30€ ipad software currently. ^^

            2. “just because things have been done that way in the past I really dont need to repeat that”
              ironically this exactly my point to you, you only think about the half glass empty,
              it has 100x more features than the original that you probably don’t know half and it seems they looking to add at least 100x more but you will probably not like it anyway, so just keep using whatever you use now, anything else will never have the same “deal breaker” features you consider basic. sorry i find this way of thinking boring and pretentious

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