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elegant-djSynthtopia is one of the most popular resources for synthesizer and electronic music news on the Internet.

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Five Reasons You Should Advertise On Synthtopia

  1. You want to advertise on the biggest and most important sites for electronic music news. Independent sites rank consistently rank Synthtopia as a top destination for electronic music news. Other greats sites you should consider advertising on are emusician, Create Digital Music and Sonic State.
  2. You want to reach 330,000+ electronic musicians. According to Google, Synthtopia reaches over 330,000 electronic musicians each month.
    Synthtopia Unique Visitors
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  3. You want to reach people interested in your products. Synthtopia is a focused site. If you advertise on Synthtopia, your ad will be seen by people looking for information about synths, electronic music gear, music software and electronic music news. In other words, you won’t be paying to display ads to people looking for guitar tabs and Britney Spears news.
  4. You want to advertise on a site with content you can trust. Synthtopia has been around for years and we’ve got a massive archive of articles – so you know what to expect.
  5. You want to work with someone that help you advertise online effectively. We can offer several banner ad sizes, competitions and other promotions. We’ll work with you to make the most of your marketing.

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