Steinberg Virtual Instruments Collection Released

Steinberg today announced that the Steinberg Virtual Instrument Collection is now available. The collection includes Special Edition versions of 5 top Steinberg instruments, offering an inexpensive introduciton to the world of virtual instruments at only US $149.99.

“This one-stop power package offers professional music-making technologies in a very modest price range, and provides an arsenal of powerful tools for beginners, students and bargain hunters alike,” commented Arnd Kaiser, Steinberg’s Senior Product Manager for Music Technology.

Steinberg Virtual Instrument Collection

First released as part of Steinberg’s successful Studio Case product, the Steinberg Virtual Instrument Collection is now available as a stand-alone package. The range of five VST-powered virtual instruments offers a complete range of musical instruments and sounds for VST host applications. While Groove Agent SE takes care of the drum department with its authentic grooves, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE offers dynamic, realistic electric guitar phrases in a variety of styles. The Grand SE provides smooth, natural piano sounds, while D’cota SE offers analogue and FM synthesis for a wide range of sounds and textures. The package is rounded off by the Special Edition of Steinberg’s award-winning HALion VST sampler, with disk streaming, 32-bit/96 kHz support and the same great-sounding Waldorf filters found in the full version of HALion.

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