Analogue Solution’s New Keyboard Synthesizer

Analogue Solutions has announced a new keyboard synthesizer, prototype photo above, the Leipzig-K: LEIPZIG-k … coming soon. Keyboard Leipzig with extra functions, like 2nd LFO, LCD editing (of MIDI setup), CV/Gate/CV2 inputs & outputs on rear panel, and more! (Above) is first prototype metalwork, the wooden side panels are missing! Production model will be BLACK,… Read More Analogue Solution’s New Keyboard Synthesizer

Mstrkrft – The Looks

Mstrkrft’s debut CD, The Looks, is a fun set of robo disco tunes, full of electro beats, vocoded vocals and catchy hooks. Mstrkrft’s sound is not far from Daft Punk’s. In fact, if you were disappointed by Daft Punk’s last CD, you may find Mstrkrft filling the void.

Matrix Synth

Matrixsynth is a website/blog dedicated to anything and everything about synths. Matrix, who runs the site, is active on many synth-related lists and forums, and when he sees something of interest, he posts it on Matrixsynth. As a result, the site covers everything synth, from the serious to the humorous; the trivial to the items… Read More Matrix Synth