NanoStudio Adds AudioBus Support

Developer Blip Interactive has updated NanoStudio, adding AudioBus support and more. Here’s what’s new in NanoStudio 1.4: Audiobus support for input (sampling) and output (main mix) Virtual MIDI inputs for note and controller data MIDI input transpose 4 extra banks for your Eden presets Fixed ’empty sample’ bug when pasting from some Waldorf apps

NanoStudio Now Universal

Blip Interactive has released a significant update to its NanoStudio virtual studio app for iOS. Here’s what’s new in NanoStudio 1.3: Universal iPad version Added extra musical scales to keyboard Increased size limit for a single sample to 32MB Ability to slide the keyboard by fractions of a note Mixer mute/solo Improved bottom range of mixer… Read More NanoStudio Now Universal

Free Sample Packs For NanoStudio From Loopmasters

Free Sample Library: Loopmasters has released a number of free sample packs for NanoStudio, the iPhone virtual studio by Blip Interactive: There’s been a big buzz around Blip Interactive’s superb music making Iphone app Nanostudio over the past couple of months, with the app getting great reviews and excellent user feedback. We were so impressed… Read More Free Sample Packs For NanoStudio From Loopmasters