Throbbing Gristle Test Run

[flickrvideo][/flickrvideo] Here’s a sneak preview of some Throbbing Gristle 2009 action, via Chris Carter in the Synthtopia Flickr Pool. Carter explains: Trying out different synth & effects combinations for TG 2009 shows. Korg Kaossilator, Bugbrand Postcard Weevils, Korg Kaoss Pad 2, Korg Kaoss Pad 3, Zoom PFX9003, Chimera Synthesis bc8 & bc16. Slightly weedy mono… Read More Throbbing Gristle Test Run

The BC8 Sub-Miniature Synthesizer & Simple Sequencer Ready To Ship

Chimera has announced that it’s ready to ship the tiny BC8 sub-miniature synthesizer & simple sequencer: Development & production engineering of the bC8┬ásub-miniature synthesizer (with simple internal sequencer) has now been completed; full product launch will take place on-line this Friday 18th July 2008 at around 1800hrs (GMT) with the first production units leaving the… Read More The BC8 Sub-Miniature Synthesizer & Simple Sequencer Ready To Ship

Midget Synth Porn Video

First videos of the Chimera Synthesis BC16 miniature synth in action. The bC16 miniature patch synthesizer wraps up a VCO, LFO, 24dB VCF, VCA, envelope generator, noise source, ring modulator and headphone amplifier all in a round, white acrylic housing the same diameter as compact disc. Powered by six AAA batteries, the bC16 can be… Read More Midget Synth Porn Video

Chimera bC16 Modular Synthesizer

Chimera has introduced the bC16, a tiny modular synthesizer. The bC16 miniature patch synthesizer packs a fully featured analog VCO, LFO, ADSR envelope generator, VCA, VCF, noise source & ring modulator all in a CD sized case CNC machined from 10mm high-grade acrylic plastic. Sixteen color coded potentiometers control key functions, connections between synthesizer sections… Read More Chimera bC16 Modular Synthesizer