Richie Hawtin: Every Track Is Version 1.0 Today

Beatportal talked to Richie Hawtin recently, and and he had some interesting thoughts on music copyright law. Hawtin suggests that digital technology makes current copyright laws obsolete: “Every track these days should be considered a work in progress,” says Hawtin. “Everything is version 1.0, and anybody should be allowed to take your ideas and add… Read More Richie Hawtin: Every Track Is Version 1.0 Today

FBI Arrests Music Blogger

Unbefriggingbelievable. Violent crime is on the rise in the US. We can’t find Osama Bin Laden in seven years. Millions of illegal aliens are hiding in the country, gainfully employed.  And we’re arresting music bloggers.  A Los Angeles blogger has been arrested for allegedly sharing music online. Twenty-seven-year-old Kevin Cogill was arrested by FBI agents at… Read More FBI Arrests Music Blogger