Apogee Announces New Ensemble 30×34 Audio Interface

Apogee Electronics has introduced its new Ensemble 30 x 34 Thunderbolt 2 audio interface. Designed for Mac-based studios, Ensemble blends Apogee features from previous products like Symphony I/O, Duet, Quartet and JAM with new capabilities to record, edit, mix and master audio on a Mac using Logic Pro, Pro Tools or any Core Audio-based DAW.

‘Amazing Audio Engine’ Streamlines iOS Music App Development

Audiobus developerĀ Michael Tyson delivered a TKO for music app developers today, releasing Amazing Audio Engine, a free framework for creating iOS audio applications. Built on the Core Audio Remote IO system, The Amazing Audio Engine is designed to let developers focus on the parts of their apps that are unique, rather than reinventing the wheel.… Read More ‘Amazing Audio Engine’ Streamlines iOS Music App Development