Lunar Experience Intros Quad Quantizer Module

      The Lunar Experience, a new modular synth manufacturer, has introduced a new module, the M565 Quad Quantizer Module.  List price for the M565 is inside the EU 209,- Euros (including 19% German VAT). Export price outside the EU is 175,- Euros (excluding VAT/tax). The module format follows the industry standard ( Of The Knobs/Moog/Curetronic/Mos-Lab… Read More Lunar Experience Intros Quad Quantizer Module

Curetronic Modular Synthesizer

Curetronic is a new (to me) manufacturer of traditionally-styled modular synthesizers. They offer a large variety of modules: C100-VCO C101-VCO-LIGHT C201-DUAL-SHAPE-LFO C202-QUINT-LFO C203-QUAD-CV-LFO C301-VCF/VCA C302-VCF-CV-RESO C303-MULTI-VCF (steiner) C304-3379 C305-2044 C306-Classic-VCF C401-VCA C402-DUAL-VCA(exp) C501-NOISE/MULTIPLE C502-DIGI-NOISE C601-TOOL C602-FINE-TOOL C603-SWITCH-TOOL C705-CLOCKDIVIDER C706-CLOCKSEQUENZER C801-ADSR C802-DUAL-MIXER-2×4 C803-ATTENUATOR C804-DUAL-RINGMODULATOR C805-DUAL-SAMPLE/HOLD C806-WAVE-CRUSH C807-CV-PHASER C808-MULTIPLE C01-Blende I haven’t seen a Curetronic modular in… Read More Curetronic Modular Synthesizer