Focusrite Launches 2nd-Gen Scarlett USB Audio Interfaces

This morning Focusrite announced the second generation of their popular Scarlett USB audio interfaces. While the input / output count of each of the interfaces remains the same, this new generation of Scarlett USB audio interfaces boasts many improvements. Delivering Focusrite’s fastest USB performance yet, the new interfaces’ roundtrip latency measurements are as low as… Read More Focusrite Launches 2nd-Gen Scarlett USB Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Launches 58-in/64-out Red 4Pre Interface

Focusrite has launched the Red 4Pre, a new audio interface that they say is ‘the pinnacle of Focusrite’s interface range’. The 58-in/64-out Thunderbolt Red 4Pre interface combines four of Focusrite’s specially-developed digitally-controlled mic preamps, plus high-headroom instrument inputs, with dual Pro Tools HD DigiLink and Dante network audio connectivity.