New Podcasting in Garageband Tutorial has released GarageBand 103: Podcasting In GarageBand, a new Garageband training tutorial. This tutorial teaches valuable podcasting skills including recording and editing podcasts, using GarageBand’s built-in DSP effects to compress and EQ your voice to give it that big podcast sound, making enhanced podcasts with images and URL links listeners can click, and publishing… Read More New Podcasting in Garageband Tutorial

FlashMic DRM85-C Cardioid Microphone A Self-Contained Recording Studio

Combining a Sennheiser capsule with a broadcast-quality Flash recorder, the HHB FlashMic has become established as a portable recording device of choice for international broadcasters. Now HHB has expanded the FlashMic range with the introduction of a new cardioid version – the FlashMic DRM85-C – to accompany the original, omni-directional FlashMic DRM85. Both FlashMic models… Read More FlashMic DRM85-C Cardioid Microphone A Self-Contained Recording Studio

NAMM: Behringer Intros PodcastStudio USB Bundle

2007 Winter NAMM Show: Behringer introduced their Podcastudio USB Bundle, a kit for professional podcasting, music production and digital home recording. Features: High-resolution 2 In / 2 Out USB audio interface with plug-and-play for Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems Studio-class 5-input 2-bus mixer with premium mic preamp and 2-band “British” EQ Dynamic… Read More NAMM: Behringer Intros PodcastStudio USB Bundle

Behringer Intros Podcasting Studio

Behringer has announced Podcastudio FireWire, described as a complete podcast studio with FireWire interface. The podcasting kit comes with a studio-grade FireWire audio interface which includes the Behringer Edition of Ableton Live Lite 4 music production software for PC and Mac computers. The package also includes an 8-input mixer, high-quality headphones and a studio microphone… Read More Behringer Intros Podcasting Studio

M-Audio Releases Podcast Factory

NAMM 2006 Winter Show: M-Audio introduced the Podcast Factory professional podcasting solution. The Podcast Factory bundle includes the hardware and software required to create broadcast-quality podcasts using a Mac or PC. “The Podcast Factory provides a comprehensive solution for producing professional podcasts for applications as diverse as personal broadcasts, music promotion, corporate training, virtual seminars,… Read More M-Audio Releases Podcast Factory