New Stribe Goodies

Curious Inventor has released a set of new Stribe goodies, including: The Stribe Double The Stribe Quad The Stribe Shield The Stribe1 is a sextacular touch strip LED controller that can be used to display and control music and video programs. Multiple Stribe1’s can be daisy-chained together to form a low-res, multi-touch display. Use with… Read More New Stribe Goodies

The Stribe

A demo of Josh Boughey’s Stribe, a DIY 8-channel multi-touch controller for music or video software. Description: The Stribe is designed to be used in conjunction with a monome 40h or as a stand-alone instrument. By combining these interfaces with suitable software I hope to add a continuous control element to the electronic musician’s software… Read More The Stribe