‘Apps On Stage’ Documentary Looks At DigiEnsemble Berlin & The Challenges Of Music Performance With Mobile Devices

Reader Matthias Krebs, a composer and sound artist, let us know about a new documentary, Apps On Stage, that looks at the DigiEnsemble Berlin & the challenges of music performance with mobile devices.

The DigiEnsemble Berlin, founded by Krebs), is made up of classically trained musicians that work to explore to challenges and to push the limits of live performance with mobile devices.

The DigiEnsemble’s performances are provocative and raise many questions. Why perform classical music on mobile devices? What apps are they using? Why not use real instruments? Is this more than just a gimmick?  Continue reading

Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Performed By The DigiEnsemble Berlin

The DigiEnsemble Berlin – a group dedicated to exploring the possibilities of live performance with mobile music devices – is pushing boundaries with their arrangement of  großer Herr, o starker König from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio.

The performance features baritone Tobias Berndt and a solo by DigiEnsemble Berlin founder Matthias Krebs.

While the group’s work is sometimes met with skepticism, Krebs says that the audience at “was pleasantly surprised and quickly won over.”

Krebs adds that the Bach performance is an important step in the group’s growth, due to the requirements of the piece. In order to achieve their goals for performing the work, the group had to incorporate new MIDI controllers and techniques. Details below.

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Can You Express Emotion And Meaning With Mobile Music Apps? ‘We Will Find Out.’

YouTube Preview Image

This video is a profile of the DigiEnsemble Berlin – a group of musicians that are dedicated to exploring the potential of mobile devices for music.

The group meets regularly and arranges music, both classical and popular, for various mobile devices running music applications.

At the core of what they do is a provocative question:

Can we use mass-produced mobile devices to ‘convey the actual emotion and meaning that we feel in our bodies and which we wish to express? Or is this app music….for the players themselves?”

This question – whether mass-produced mobile devices can really be instruments – has been the source of much debate, here and elsewhere. What makes the work of the DigEnsemble Berlin interesting, though, is that they are trying to answer this question, not by debating – but by playing.

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