Electronic Music Studios (EMS)

EMS calls itself the “Longest Established Synthesizer Manufacturer”. We’re not sure if that’s proper English, but EMS is an English company, so they ought to know.

Electronic Music Studios was created in 1969 by Dr. Peter Zinovieff to sell equipment arising from his interests in music applications of computers and electronics. EMS created many products that were used in, especially in Europe, by some of the cutting-edge bands of the day, including Pink Floyd. Other well-known users include the BBC, David Vorhaus, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze, and Kraftwerk.

EMS still manufactures many products that are considered classics, including the Synthi As, VCS3s, and Vocoders. The site provides a history of EMS equipment, starting with the VCS3 in 1969. The site also provides information on mods and maintenance.

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