Tellun Corp

Tellun Corp – This site has information of interest to MOTM users. It features mod/cons to MOTM modules, details of a large MOTM system, and information on Tellun’s MOTM-compatible DIY modules.

The site is put together by Scott Juskiw, and features lots of DIY projects. Scott has put together PCB’s for several limited-edition MOTM-compatible modules. These include:

  • TLM-156 Neural Agonizer – this module hosts twin voltage-controlled spring reverbs behind a MOTM-compatible faceplate. Madness!
  • TLN-132 Voltage-Controlled State Variable Filter – this module is built around the hard-to-find CEM3320 chip. It has four simultaneous outputs for low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch.
  • TLN-442 – Voltage-Controlled Low-Pass Filter – this is also built around the CEM 3320. It’s an easy-to-build module that mimics the four-pole filter found in the Sequential Circuits Prophet Five and Pro One synthesizers.

Scott has several other modules in the works, including the two designs that sound particularly insane, the Doctor Octopus, and the Vulcan Doppelganger.

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