Paul Van Dyk – Electronic Dance Music Master

paul van dykPaul Van Dyk is one of the world’s most popular DJ’s, remixers and electronic artists.

Van Dyk was born in Germany in 1971. He has said that as a kid he listened to the music of the Depeche Mode and New order. In the late 80’s, he got into electronica and the club scene. He began DJing in 1988, around the time of the fal of the Berlin wall, and quickly became a regular DJ in Berlin.

Within a few years, he released his first single “Perfect Day”, under the name Visions of Shiva. He quickly became in-demand as a remixer, and has worked with New Order, Sven Vath, BT, Tori Amos, Curve, and Binary Finary. He also has is in demand as a producer.

He has had several major singles, including “Words”, “Tell me why” and “For and Angel”. He has released several popular albums, and continued to DJ throughout the world.

He has earned a strong reputation as a DJ and producer. DJ magazine readers voted him “Best Music Maker”, and he has been awarded the “Best International DJ Award”. Muzik magazine called him “Leader of the Trance Nation”.

Paul Van Dyk chooses not to categorize his music into one of the common categories of electronica, such as techno or trance. Instead he calls his music “electronic dance music”.

Van Dyk is a natural DJ. His good lucks and personality make him a hit with the crowds. He enjoys the interaction with crowds that DJing affords. He performs regularly in New York, England and Berlin and electronica hotspots around the world.

A fan site has an unofficial discography, and more info is available at his official site.

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