DJ Sandra Collins – Tranceport 3

DJ Sandra Collins handles the mixing duties on the third incarnation of the excellent Tranceport series. Previous disks, mixed by Paul Oakenfold and DJ Dave Ralph, effectively established the Tranceport identity – interesting trance mixes for dancing or listening. Collins delivers another winner with this smooth collection of trance and techno sounds.

Tranceport 3 is a collection of melodic and progressive trance cuts that are swirled into a liquid blend to create a sum larger than the parts. The CD is fast paced, with Collins elegantly controlling the epic rise and fall of the mix. Collins proves herself to be one of the hottest dj’s working.

The CD starts off very slowly, with an almost ambient Intro. This transitions with subtlety into Liquid Sun, a minimal trance piece that reminded me a little of Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack work for Risky Business. This track is the longest of the bunch, clocking in at over 12 minutes, but Collins uses this to slowly draw you into the trance music.

Collins then masterfully blends shorter tracks into a continuous trance experience, ending with two stunning tracks, C’Est Muzique, and Rank 1’s Airwave. While these two tracks have certainly worn out a few grooves, it’s not without cause. Collins uses these tracks to bring Tranceport 3 to multiple climactic peaks, leaving behind the colder trance sounds for some brazenly emotional ones.

Compared to earlier entries in the Tranceport series, Collins has delivered a set that is focused less on individual cuts than creating a cohesive hour-long experience. There isn’t as much variety as on the other disks, but the result is that transitions are less jarring. Collins keeps things moving, blurs the lines between tracks, and turns a bunch of tracks into a satisfying trance journey. The slow start is a masterful stroke, too, because it sets the mood while leaving Collins plenty of room to build things up. Instead of sounding like a collection of highlights from a longer trance set, Collins delivers a nicely condensed version.

With Tranceport 3, DJ Sandra Collins delivers a great trance CD, and raises the bar for DJ’s to follow.

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