Ferry Corsten

Ferry CorstenFerry Corsten, also known as System F, is a Dutch dj best known for gabba trance tracks.

Corsten is from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and still makes it his home. Corsten got a young start, DJing and producing tracks at the age of 15. Since then, Corsten has developed into one of the top international DJs.

Though Corsten got his start with hardcore gabba trance, he has also worked in other genres, including other types of trance and house music. As System F, Corsten has had hits with Out of the Blue and Cry. He’s also worked with another famous Dutch DJ, DJ Tiesto, as Gouryella.

His remix work has also brought him acclaim, especially for his work on William Orbit’s version of Adagio for Strings. His dj mix Trance Nation is one of the best selling dance compilations.

As a sign of his success, Corsten has 10 gold singles in his studio:

  • Madagascar-Ferry Corsten Remix 1999
  • Carte BlanceVeracocha, 1999
  • System F-Out of the Blue 1999
  • Gouryella-Gouryella 2000
  • Gouryella-Walhalla 2000
  • System F-Cry 2001
  • System F-Dance Valley 2001
  • System F vs. Armin van BuurenExhale 2002
  • Ferry Corsten-Punk 2003
  • Ferry Corsten-Rock Your Body Rock 2004

Official Site: http://www.ferrycorsten.com/

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