Realtraps Goes Mondo With New Acoustic Treatment Panels

RealTraps, maker of MiniTraps acoustical treatment panels, has introduced MondoTraps, panels with extended bass trapping capability.

RealTraps notes that, while MiniTraps are nearly six times more
effective at low frequencies than typical corner foam, MondoTraps
absorb twice again more below 100 Hz. At 2?€™ by 4?€™9?€ and 4 inches
thick, they are only slightly larger than MiniTraps.

MondoTraps are made with rigid fiberglass and metal instead of foam,
so they are Class A fire rated and can be installed in public venues.
They can be hung with standard picture frame wire, or can be mounted on
a microphone stand. A custom stand is available from RealTraps for $60.

According to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer, ?€œThe main problem in
most studios and listening rooms is acoustic interference that causes
severe variations in the low frequency response. Nulls of 30 dB and
even deeper are not only common, but typical. Just as important is
taming modal ringing, which reduces the clarity and articulation of
bass instruments. Many recording engineers and audiophiles cover their
walls with foam, but that makes the room too dead sounding at mid and
high frequencies while doing little for bass problems. MondoTraps are
far more absorbent than foam at low frequencies, so they do a superior
job overall and with fewer pieces to install. Even as low as 40 Hz,
their absorption coefficient is above 0.50 when corner mounted, which
we believe is unprecedented for any bass trap product.?€

Complete product details and performance data are on the RealTraps web site.
The site also features articles with extensive room treatment advice,
tutorials showing how to solve common acoustic problems, and a detailed
explanation of acoustic product testing methods.

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