Behringer Introduces B-Control Edit

Behringer B-Control EditorBehringer, one of the world-leading designer and manufacturer of a full line of professional-audio products, today announced the immediate availability of B-CONTROL EDIT, a JAVA-based editor/librarian program specially-designed for the current line of B-CONTROL products. The beta version of B-CONTROL EDIT is available for free-of-charge downloading at

The B-CONTROL EDIT facilitates the operation of preset-control and editing functions in a user-friendly manner for the USB/MIDI B-CONTROL ROTARY BCR2000 and B-CONTROL FADER BCF2000 models. It offers simple handling with graphical-screen support and is compatible with all computer-operating systems installed with JAVA*. The B-CONTROL EDIT provides a visual separation between the ‘CONTROLLER’ (hardware unit), ‘EDITOR’ (the software in the computer’s temporary memory) and ‘COMPUTER’ (library access on the hard drive), thus rendering multi-window displaying unnecessary. All the controller elements like buttons, encoders, faders, or foot switches can be easily selected and edited by clicking on their graphical equivalent in the B-CONTROL’s display. In addition, control elements can be loaded from various presets and then rearranged into a new preset, while ‘preset compilations’ for creating a new 32-preset-device can also easily be accomplished.

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