Winter NAMM Expo: Groove Tubes Intros Glory Comp

Groove Tubes Glory CompNAMM Update: Groove Tubes has announced that the Glory Comp All Tube Variable Transconductance Compressor will soon begin to ship to the company’s dealers and international distributors.

“Engineers who liked our ViPRE will love the Glory because it’s just what they have been asking for: a no compromise, transparent, rich all tube compressor with virtually no trade-off in frequency response loss even in the most compressed settings,” says Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes founder and president. “In addition to its incredible sonic character, Glory Comp offers features that have never been found on compressors at any price. The studios using it, including that of legendary engineer Greg Ladanyi, feel that it’s one of the best dynamics processors ever made. We wholeheartedly agree!”

Employing seven high quality, hand selected Groove Tubes to drive a custom-wound output transformer, the Glory Comp makes use of variable transconductance tubes for their superbly linear modulation of the input signal. Known for their smooth response to program material, variable transconductance tubes have been employed in some of the most revered vintage compressor/limiters such as the Fairchild 670.

Glory Comp’s fully differential and floating design includes dual isolated output taps on its proprietary output transformer so it can interface with both -10dBV and +4dBu signal levels without sacrificing signal quality or degrading noise specs. Compression ratios from 1:1 to 6:1 are available, as are standard Attack, Release and compression Threshold controls. In addition to release times from 25ms (linear release mode) to 2 seconds, users can choose between logarithmic and linear release modes. Like the ViPRE, the Glory Comp implements several high-quality ceramic multi-decked switches (instead of less expensive potentiometers), for maintaining the balanced signal path and also for allowing for easily repeatable settings. Also like the ViPRE, the Glory Comp provides a custom-built, backlit VU meter that can display in nine different modes.

The Glory Comp also features a built-in sidechain EQ with adjustable low and high frequency filters, along with an internal or external sidechain source selector. Completely unique to the Glory Comp is the Glory knob, which adds low-order even harmonics to the compressed signal. The Glory Knob has several creative applications (like adding perceived fullness to a bass without increasing signal level, or similarly bringing out a vocal or a solo instrument in a mix). The Glory Knob’s labeling allows adjustment between Earth (no effect) and Heaven (full effect).

The Glory Comp will soon be available through Groove Tubes Pro Audio retailers, with a suggested retail price of $3,499 (USD).

For more information, visit the Groove Tubes site.

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