Electrix Returns With 7 New Products

Electrix is back! Electrix has announced 7 new products for 2005. The new gear is expected be available in April/May.

The new Electrix products have familiar faces, but have some distinct differences from their brethren. The new products are distinguishable with their new anodized aluminum faceplates.

Preliminary information:

electrix MOFX

MO-FX MK2 – Time Synchronized FX

MO-FX MK2 makes it easy to synchronize time-based effects. Synchronizing – Flange, Tremolo, and Delay just got as simple as tapping in a tempo or sending MO-FX MIDI clock. Sculpt your sound without losing the beat! Analog modeled Distortion will take you from subtle warming to total crunching mayhem. The Flange spans from subtle pulsations to powerful howling jet screams. The Tremolo and stereo panner has sine, triangular and multiple square wave patterns. Analog Modeled Delay of up to 2.6 seconds with tape delay, looping, pitch shifting effects, and a stereo ping-pong mode. Synchronized timing and separate beat division control for each effect block. MIDI in out and thru lets you automate and sequence every single control setting and movement.

Warp Factory MK2 – Vocoder

Make any sound speak! Simply plug in a microphone to use the built in oscillator for the classic vocoder voice. Or combine any two signals to create human-like, “intergalactic” sounds. 24 intelligent filter bands deliver incredible sound clarity. Front panel mic input and built in oscillator equals plug n’ play vocoding. Use Gender Control to bend from male to female formants without affecting the pitch. Formant Freeze captures the vowel sound so you can sustain your “ooooos, aaaaas, or eeeees” forever. A mic bypass path allows you to easily toggle between affected and unaffected vocals. MIDI in out and thru lets you automate and sequence every single control setting and movement.

Filter Factory MK2 – Analog High Order Filter

Put the analog edge back into your sound! Run keyboards, samples or guitar tracks through the Filter Factory MK2 and you’ll get everything from thick, retro filter sweeps to sub harmonic rumblings or even tweeter-shredding mayhem. Four Filters types include Low pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Notch filters. LFO (low frequency oscillator) with beat divisions syncable to tap tempo or MIDI clock. Five waveforms types sawtooth, inverse sawtooth, triangle, square and random. Distortion gives you everything from a bit of extra punch to in-your-face buzz. Smooth Analog Sounds with Full MIDI automation. MIDI in out and thru lets you automate and sequence every single control setting and movement.

Filter King MK2 – Vintage Filter EQ Killer MK2 – Frequency Killer

Filter King MK2 can turn the dullest, most lifeless samples into lush, warm, phatt sounds. Choose between Four Filter types, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch filters. The Envelope Follower creates a unique sound-shaping palette with depth, shape and band limiting controls. The LFO can be used at the same time as the Envelope Follower for some funky modulations. Dial in one of the Five Waveforms; saw tooth, inverse saw tooth, triangle, square and random. The Expression Pedal input lets you play the frequency like a Wah pedal. The Customizable Kill Box

Most EQs are too gentle to do anything creative with. EQ Killer MK2 transforms the EQ concept and gives you ultimate control over frequency manipulation. Dial in low, mid and high EQ bands each with level knobs as well as latching and momentary kill buttons. Tunable Crossover Frequencies – Low Pass and High Pass filters let you fine tune your EQ bands. Momentary Buttons – our silent, spring-loaded buttons let you instantly kick frequencies in and out and play the EQ. FX Send and Return produce totally new sounds by effecting only the frequency bands you kill.

Repeater MK2 Loop Based Recorder & Sampler Triway

New features and ease-of-use make Repeater MK2 the ultimate tool for Loopers, Song Writers and Creative Live Performers.

While computers are great, they don’t always make for an easy user experience, especially during a live performance. The Repeater MK2 allows you to experience live loop recording, sampling and overdubbing like nothing else. Sync your loops to audio via built-in BPM detection or MIDI and control them with your hands or feet. Record a loop and then speed it up or slow it down – without affecting the pitch. Let Repeater loop the rhythm parts while you play the lead. Create deep sonic textures and towering, multi-layered loops. Inspire yourself by jamming to your own riffs and grooves.

New features include – More expressive loop creation and control, better support for both ambient and beat-driven looping, enhanced front panel control and enriched MIDI implementation to name a few …more details to come.

For more information, visit the Electrix site.

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