Numark Adds DM950USB USB DJ Mixers

Numark USB DJ Mixer2005 NAMM Show: Numark introduced the DM950USB, an easy-to-use 2-channel DJ mixer for computer audio and analog audio mixing.

The DM950USB includes dual USB audio ports built into the mixer, which allow users to play digital music files from any USB-equipped PC or Mac. No drivers are necessary as the DM950USB takes advantage of standard Windows and Mac drivers already included in current computer operating systems. Two USB ports are included so users can take advantage of the multiple sound card feature found in most DJ mixing software.

Users can also record their mix at the same time as play back. Incorporate turntables or line-level devices like CD players, plus a microphone, to mix and record along with the music on your computer. Outputs are offered in both analog form and two digital USB outputs for the record and master signals.

For more information, visit the Numark site.

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