Radial Intros SGI Studio Guitar Interface

Radial SGINAMM 2005: The SGI Studio Guitar Interface is a ‘send & receive’ combo that allows a guitar signal to travel from the control room across balanced studio wiring to a distant amplifier as far as 500 feet away while retaining the natural tone of the guitar. With the Radial SGI connected, it allows the guitar player to monitor his sound in real time while recording so that he can hear what is actually going to tape without having to use headphones or be adjacent to the guitar amp.

The Radial SGI is a unity gain device that is made up with a combination ‘transmit & receive pair’ of modules. These feature 100% discreet class-A circuitry for fidelity. Class-A circuits are known for their low zero-cross distortion, which results in lower inter-modulation distortion and phase accuracy. The guitar connection is standard 1/4″. To ensure the natural tone of the instrument is transferred correctly, the Drag Control load correction circuit is provided allows the guitarist to introduce a load on the pickup to emulate the direct connection of his guitar to the amplifier.

A DC connection for the 15VDC supply is provided along with a power-on LED. To eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, both the ‘transmit and receive’ modules are equipped with isolation transformers and ground lift options. A standard XLR connects the two devices allowing the signal to traverse balanced patch-bays and studio panels that are typical to most studios. The SGI receive module features an XLR input, ground lift and two outputs to allow two amps to be used at once.

As with all Radial products, the SGI is made from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and features an internal I-beam frame that is virtually impossible to torque. A bookend outer shell provides a protective zone around the switches and connectors, thus allowing the SGI to be used in hectic environments.

For more information, visit the Radial Engineering site.

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