Digital Audio Wave Intros New Line of Music PCs

Digital Audio Wave has introduced a complete new line of PC DAW systems featuring an ultra-quiet, high performance and reliable platform utilizing the BTX architecture. Audio professionals can have a variety of advanced features on the new BTX PC DAW systems.

“Most audio professionals are pretty confident about what they need in a music computer and this new line will let them be even more discerning” said Frank Fatih Kara, President and CEO of Digital Audio Wave. “Thanks to our flexible business model, DAW customers can personalize their PC DAW and decide to integrate any available option into an entry level ultra-quite PC. I do not see any reason for a client to get a MAC from this date forward given the latest technology, component validation, highest compatibility, proven stability of Windows XP operating system and better value coupled with excellent client support provided all in one package.”

PC DAWin BWX: Performance-Driven, Cool and Quiet

The DAWin BWX PC DAW delivers the latest technology and premium features for audio professionals who want a system that provides cutting-edge technology for today’s demanding digital audio and video recording and editing applications. All of the BWX PCs are based on the unique patent-pending design that optimizes Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) architecture, resulting in a quieter and more reliable PC. DAW’s BWX series PCs circulate up to two times more air than traditional PCs, so internal components like processors, memory and hard drives are cooled more efficiently resulting in improved system reliability.

The DAWin BWX PCs build on BTX design to incorporate large, slow-speed fans which provide whisper-quiet operation. Also, the overall performance is improved by design, which better cools the CPU that faces into the wind tunnel. This design also allows a high end video card to occupy only one slot, instead of two, leaving an additional slot for power users to fill. DAW’s innovative BWX desktop case is ready for expansion with seven bays and four PCI slots (one PCI Express x16, two PCI and one PCI Express x1 slot.)

The DAWin BWX incorporates the latest technology, including the new Intel® Pentium® 4 600 sequence processors that are ready to support 64-bit software using Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology. HT (Hyper-Threading) Technology can make it easier and faster to take on several tasks. Also, the new Intel Pentium 4 600 sequence processors have twice the cache (2MB L2 Cache), enabling improved performance, enhanced power management and improved virus protection.

“DAW’s incorporation of Intel’s latest products and technologies, such as the Intel Pentium 4 6xx sequence processors and Intel’s new BTX based components, is a great example of a solution that meets a specific market need,” said Todd Garigues, North American channel marketing manager, Intel Corporation.

These new PCs can be customized with the latest high-end features for optimum performance and functionality. Customers can choose several options of SATA hard drives, up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, and up to 1.2TB (1200GB – 1.2TB – tetra bytes) of storage . The systems also feature the latest in networking technology, integrated Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet, to ensure fast data transfer over network connection.

Digital audio is also enhanced through 24-bit 192kHz Intel HD Audio (High Definition Audio for high-fidelity supporting 8 channels). Customers can select from multiple optical drives, including a double-layer DVD+/-RW multi-format drive that can burn up to 8.5GB of data on double-layer DVD media, as well as a 7-in-1 memory card reader. The PC DAW BWX is offered in several recommended configurations that can be customized with the widest selection of options starting from $999.00.

DAW’s commitment to quality and reliability is evident in its world class line of PC products as well as in its exceptional service and support programs. The new PCs are supported by the company’s new standard limited warranty options . Additionally, DAW system recovery solution offers all customers the ability to easily recover drivers, applications or the full factory image. The DAW system recovery solution provides advanced recovery capabilities that are always available, so professionals experience less down time in the event of a system issue. Unlike other recovery systems, DAW’s solution lets customers restore the factory software image while maintaining all data files stored on the PC. Back-up options and restore procedures are simple, thanks to DAW’s easy-to-understand system recovery interface.

About DAW

Founded in 1999 and based in Houston, Texas, Digital Audio Wave is a distinguished developer and manufacturer of high-performance workstations and media data storage appliances for the entertainment, digital audio, media-broadcast markets, education and government institutions with a primary focus of providing clients worldwide with reliable, cost-effective, scalable and technologically advanced solutions.

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