NAMM Update: Alesis Intros Expression Pedal

Alesis F2 Expression PedalSummer NAMM Update: Alesis has introduced the new F2 Expression Pedal. Unique it its ability to function as both an expression and volume pedal simultaneously, the F2 makes an outstanding choice for keyboard, guitar, and bass players.

Featuring a sturdy cast aluminum case designed to withstand the most tortuous road abuse, the F2 is designed to work flawlessly with products from virtually every instrument manufacturer. In addition to its use with numerous Alesis products such as the Fusion keyboards or XGuitar, the new F2 incorporates a built-in switch for setting compatibility among keyboard and guitar products from Yamaha™, Korg™, and Roland™. Additionally, the F2 features an adjustable range setting to completely shutoff all audio signal through the volume pedal or to allow limited amounts of signal.

With the Alesis F2 Expression Pedal, the “feel” underfoot is always just right. While its default setting provides for smooth travel from the bottom of its range to the top of its range, this can be altered as desired. Since some devices will ignore the signal sent from the expression jack when the pedal approaches the top of its range, the F2 can compensate by being adjusted to resist the foot at some point before it reaches the top of its range.

The F2 has a suggested retail price of just $179 and will be available Q3 of 2005.

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