NAMM Update: Alesis Intros Sumo Keyboard Amp

Sumo Keyboard AmpAlesis has introduced the Sumo 15 amplifier. A compact, versatile keyboard / PA amplifier with built-in effects, two channels (one for a microphone, one for a stereo keyboard), Stereo Link, and a headphone output, the new Sumo 15 is the ideal complement for keyboard players in search of a practice or monitor solution as well as for small PA applications.

The Sumo 15 offers a compact form factor housing an 8-inch full range driver powered by a 15-watt, 2-channel amplifier. The Sumo 15 offers a dedicated microphone channel with an XLR input and a second channel providing right and left quarter-inch inputs for accommodating keyboard instruments. Both channels provide post fader effects sends for use with the amp’s internal signal processing. With 2-band EQ in the Sumo 15’s Master section, this arrangement makes this amplifier a great choice not only as a practice solution, but also for the solo keyboard/vocal performer working an intimate room. And to further enhance its capabilities for small PA or monitor usage, the Sumo 15 incorporates a pole cup on the underside of the enclosure for use as a “speaker on a stick”—enabling the cabinet to be elevated for greater sound coverage.

With integrated digital signal processing (DSP), the Sumo 15 provides fifteen advanced, stereo effects. These include rotary speaker emulation for use with organ sounds, hall, room and plate reverbs, chorus, delay, flange, and two combination chorus/reverb settings. With all these great stereo effects, musicians will certainly appreciate the Sumo 15’s Stereo Link feature. Utilizing quarter-inch input and output connectors, this feature enables users to connect the Stereo Link output of one Sumo 15 to the Stereo Link input of a second unit and achieve true stereo via dual cabinets for a great, low cost stereo PA system. For enjoying true stereo effects with a single Sumo 15, there is a quarter-inch stereo headphone output incorporated into the Sumo 15’s rear panel.

Commenting on the capabilities of the Sumo 15, Alesis CEO Jack O’Donnell noted, “The Sumo 15 is a versatile performer and a noteworthy addition to Alesis’ Sumo line of keyboard/PA amplifier products. Its compact size and rich feature set make this amp a terrific choice for a wide range of keyboard performers.”

The Sumo 15 has a suggested retail price of $229 and will be available Q3 of 2005.

3 thoughts on “NAMM Update: Alesis Intros Sumo Keyboard Amp

  1. The sumo 300 does not have any power.
    I purchased it for my Yamaha P-200 keyboard.
    I returned it four times to Alesis. They tried to figure out the low power problem. They felt that it was working properly. I have been playing in bands for years, and there is a definite flaw in this amp. I say this because Alesis sent me a new one and it had the same problem.

    All the people I spoke to at Alesis did their best, however they were not able to fix the problem.

    I had a new amp that I could not use, and unfortuanatly they would not take the amp back because the warranty had just expired (Even though I had been complaining to the dealer I originally purchased it from, well within the Warranty period). Remember Alesis had just given me a completly new amp.

    I solved the problem by purchasing a small yamaha PA system (Board and two speakers). The keyboard sounds great and 100 watts of power surpasses-with ease-the 300 watts the Sumo 300 is suppose to have.

    I have a new Sumo 300 that I have no use for.

    Anyone who has this amp,I am sure, understands what I am stating, and should call Alesis. Maybe they will look closer to what a larger amount of customers have experienced.

    I have purchased other Alesis products that do what they are suppose to do.

  2. I just purchased a used Alesis Sumo 300 amp. I am disappointed in the way this amp performs(.LOW VOLUME)
    Someone dropped the ball on this one. I am sure someone at Alesis knows whats wrong with this amp. Just like if a faulty part was put in your car,it would be recalled. Alesis should take the loss for this, and not the costumer. All of these amps should be recalled.

  3. I do not know if anyone is still looking at this old post, but… My son purchased a sumo 300 for me for father’s day. I also noticed low volume when using “most” inputs. Although when I used my PC as the audio source it was plenty loud. I looked at the spec’s and noticed that all but one input jacks expected 9.2 volts [RMS TRS inputs: -21.5 dBU (9.2VRMS)*] (line level) input. Only the XLR expected a input voltage in the milivolt range {XLR input: -21 dBU (69mVRMS)*]. Bottom line I purchased a 6 dollar xlr male to 1/4 cable from amazon and,…
    All the power I need. Maybe not enough for some players but much more than using a conventional guitar cable.

    * taken from Alesis quick start manual. That manual is available online as well as the service manual. Since I would not follow a link included here, just do a google search.

    Although it may not be the most powerful amplifier I hate to see it get a bad rap because of technical misunderstandings. If you are not using a preamp to boost to line level do your self a favor and try the XLR.

    Amazon search
    Your Cable Store 15 Foot XLR Male 3 Pin To 1/4″ Mono Microphone Cable Price: $7.99 | FREE One-Day | FREE One-Day.

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