Various – Perfecto Chills Vol. 1

Perfecto Chills Volume 1 is a chill-out collection that brings together some popular downtempo tracks and a some cool tracks by less well-known artists. The two-CD set captures the current sound of chill-out, including both instrumental and vocal tracks.

Chill-Out seems to be the latest category for CD dividers at Best Buy. Chill-out is a nebulous term that is used for anything from ambient music, to quiet songs, to easy listening. The music does have some common elements, including relatively slow tempos, muted sounds, and mellow vibes. Is it really its own category, though?

Perfecto Chills Volume 1 makes a pretty convincing argument. It’s a collection of tunes perfect for kicking back and relaxing. The music is also strong enough to reward active listening. .

The double CD is fairly strong throughout. It does what most good compilations do – it balances tunes by popular artists with some interesting stuff by people you’ve never heard of. After listening to Perfecto Chills, it’s likely that there will be a few artists that ykou’ll want to check out further.

The two CDs don’t attempt to have distinct identities. Instead, each sounds like it could be the backdrop at a trendy bar, or a good compilation mix. The songs are not mixed together, so you could put both CDs on, turn your player to random, and enjoy a mix of music that is relaxing, but not boring.

Some of the highlights of this compilation are cuts from Coldplay, Underworld, Paul Oakenold w/ Nelly Furtado & Tricky, The Streets, and Jem. Some of the standout tracks are Lemon Jelly’s Space Walk, Coldplay’s God Put a Smile Upon Your Face, Frosts’ Amygdala, and Echo’s unusual cover of the jazz standard I Got You Under My Skin.

While I’m still not convinced that we need a new category for Chill-Out music, Perfecto Chills delivers some mood-altering music that should sooth the savage beast.


Disc 1

  1. Lemon Jelly – Space Walk Listen Listen
  2. Coldplay – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Def Inc. Remix feat. Mr. Thing) Listen Listen
  3. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Out Mix) Listen Listen
  4. Oakenfold – The Harder They Come (Feat. Nelly Furtado & Tricky) Listen Listen
  5. Infusion – Meant To Be Listen Listen
  6. Underworld – Twist
  7. Pepe Deluxe – Lying Peacefully
  8. Hakan Lidbo – From Stockholm With Love
  9. Bushy – There?s A Light
  10. Bent – The Everlasting Blink
  11. The Streets – Weak Become Heroes

Disc 2

  1. Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band – Clouds
  2. Weekend Players – Best Days Of Our Lives
  3. Kings of Convenience vs. Erot – Gold For The Price Of Silver
  4. Miguel Migs – Don?t Let Me Down
  5. I:Cube – Tropiq
  6. Jem – Finally Woken
  7. Frost – Amygdala (Mind Over Midi’s Emotional Memories Mix)
  8. Echo – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Karsh Kale Remix)
  9. Aim feat. Kate Rogers – Sail (Rae & Christian Remix)

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