Source-Connect VPN Lets Users Create Private Music Networks Across Globe

Source Elements has announced the release of Source-Connect VPN, an upgrade to Source-Connect, the Pro Tools networking plug-in.

Source-Connect VPN supports secure streaming audio from one Pro Tools system to another, utilizing your leased and privately owned lines. As a complement to Source-Connect, the VPN upgrade provides an additional layer of network control. Together, they allow direct-to-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only T1, Cable, or DSL Internet connections from anywhere in the world.

Source-Connect and Source Connect VPN eliminate the need for expensive ISDN lines, hardware, subscription fees and minute-by-minute line charges, enabling affordable high-quality connections between studios, voiceover talent and musicians. Source Elements founder John Binder states, “The addition of VPN security to the family of Source Connect products means that potential users presently locked away from the rest of the world can now safely connect with talent and studios around the world without violating their own company’s network security protocols. The potential cost savings in travel and the scheduling flexibility afforded everyone concerned make Source Connect VPN a must have tool for any studio with remote recording needs”.

“Hollywood film composer John Frizzell used Source-Connect to monitor the Czech Symphony Orchestra in Prague for the score of ESPN’s “Four Minutes”, the upcoming film based on the story of the four-minute mile-breaker Roger Bannister,” Binder continues. “From his California studio, Frizzell was able to collaborate in real time with the CSO, while monitoring their broadcast quality transmission with lock to picture. He commented that it was ‘an amazing debut for the product in Hollywood”‘.

Source-Connect VPN is an upgrade for Source-Connect users wishing to utilize private networks and is specifically designed to leverage leased lines purchased with dedicated bandwidth SLAs and high QoS. Source-Connect VPN operates in complex custom networks and connects in direct peer-to-peer mode between users; no internet access is required. Source-Connect VPN is compliant with all router security measures, encryption and networks.

The benefits of upgrading to Source-Connect VPN include:

  • No traffic ever leaves the internal network
  • No external access is required
  • Operates completely behind the firewall
  • Uses an existing networks encryption for both internal and external privacy and security

Source-Connect VPN is available for immediate download from and is priced as a $495.00 upgrade to the core version of Source-Connect. Source Elements was founded by John Binder and Robert Marshall, two audio engineers who develop alternative solutions to the problematic complexities of everyday post-production.

More information is available at the Source-Elements site.

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