Save up to $500 on Moog Piano Bar

Moog Piano BarMoog Music has introduced the Be The First promotion for the Moog PianoBar, a portable device that sits on a piano keyboard, scanning for playing and converting it to MIDI.

Moog has identified 364 Metropolitian areas in the USA, and is offering special pricing to the first buyers in each area.

If you are the first school, teacher, gigging musician, church, or studio to purchase the Moog PianoBar and are in position to share your enthusiasm for the product, your purchase price will be $995, a $500 savings off the published price. If you are the second qualified person in the metro area, your price will be $1095 – a $400 savings. If you are the third qualified person, your price will be $1195 – still a $300 savings!

About the Piano Bar

The Moog PianoBar is a completely portable, add-on device for virtually any 88 note acoustic piano that tracks the note and key velocity for a variety of applications.

  • It can be used by composers to translate (via MIDI) their composition directly into a computer.
  • It can be used to layer additional sounds with your acoustic piano. Ideal for concerts or gigs where a little something extra adds so much more to your performance.
  • It can be used by music teachers to track student performance or to teach basic chord structure.

What the Moog PianoBar is not?

It is not a player piano. You can play MIDI files through it to give the appearance of a player piano but it does not actually play the piano. Some people are using the PianoBar to preserve old piano scrolls (as MIDI files). Additionally you can use the PianoBar as a recording device for your PianoDisc.

It is not a recording device unto itself. There is no built-in sequencer. If you add notation software you could easily create a notated file or MIDI recording of your performance.

Some people are using the Moog PianoBar in conjunction with a player piano to preserve (as MIDI files) old piano scrolls.

To place an order or to get more information, contact Moog Music @ 800-948-1990.

3 thoughts on “Save up to $500 on Moog Piano Bar

  1. I am a composition Prof. at Bar Ilan U near Tel Aviv – Israel.
    I ma interested in the piano bar
    do I Qualify for the call above?

  2. Dear Mrs, dear Sirs,
    we posess a Virgil vioceless keyboard and want to give him a silent system to make it hear.
    So we found the Moog pianobar.
    On the less pictures we could find, we see an overdroped system to take agility of the keys and confirm them to voice.
    Please could you send per mail to us a install information and also technical details of the piano bay system.
    Is it available in Germany? Do you have any authorisised Dealer?
    With best regards from Germany
    i.O. Sabine Rupp

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