Novation Expands ReMOTE SL Control Keyboard Line

Novation ControllersNovation has expanded its line of Remote MIDI controllers.

The ReMOTE SL25 was the first controller keyboard that detects the software you are using in your virtual studio and logically ‘automaps’ that software’s controllers to the keyboard’s own front panel knobs and sliders. The SL25 also featured two bright LCDs which can show 16 different parameter names to match with the fascia controls, so that the user knows exactly what all the knob and sliders are assigned to.

Now Novation is introducing two new, larger SL keyboards that bring all of that functionality to the pro playing market. The new models – a 3-octave (37-key) and 5-octave (61-key) version – retain all of the features, ease of use and layout of the original.

These larger keyboards complete Novation’s already extensive keyboard portfolio which was itself recently bolstered by the 4- and 5-octave additions to the LE range, the company’s compact series designed to run straight out of the box, plug n play stylee with a host of popular software packages.

Full UK retail price list

  • ReMOTE SL25 – £329 inc VAT (available now)
  • ReMOTE SL37 – £369 inc VAT (available Feb 06)
  • ReMOTE SL61 – £419 inc VAT (available Feb 06
  • ReMOTE LE25 – £129 inc VAT (available now)
  • ReMOTE LE49 – £159 inc VAT (available now)
  • ReMOTE LE61 – £189 inc VAT (available now)

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