Electroplankton: NDS Audio Video Art

Electroplankton is an abstract music creation “game” for the Nintendo DS platform.

The project from media artist Toshio Iwai is less game than multimedia installation that you can control. Eectroplankton presents 10 digital “planktons” that react to your voice and touch, making gestures and sounds of their own.

“Electroplankton, just released in Japan this past week is, essentially, interactive audio art. Within the cartridge are ten different, unique themes of audio manipulation, each connected in the oceanic theme of marine creatures providing the sounds of Electroplankton. These ten different themes give players different styles of touch-screen input to create what can potentially evolve into hypnotic or soothing melodies emanating out of the DS speakers or headphones. The Japanese version actually comes packaged with a set of earbud headphones so that players can get the full aural experience.”

via: IGN

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