Korg Adds K-Series USB MIDI Controller Line

NAMM 2006 Winter Show: Korg introduced its K-series USB-MIDI Studio Controllers that combine full size velocity-sensitive keys with a variety of hardware control features. They are designed to be the centerpiece of any software-based music production environment for entry level and cost conscious users.

Korg K-series USB MIDI Controller

The K-series is comprised of three models: the K25, K49 and K61, with 25, 49 and 61 keys respectively. All feature a great keyboard feel and response, with four velocity curves and a convenient fixed velocity setting for playing organ and analog synthesizer sounds. Key Transpose and Octave Shift offer an extended note range, while Modulation and Pitch wheels allow for expressive playing and real-time control.

A variety of assignable performance controllers are provided in a logical layout, including two knobs, two switches, a slider and a footswitch jack. They can be used to manipulate a myriad of functions, allowing hands-on hardware access to virtually any software instrument parameter.

Korg’s proprietary ClickPoint controller can function in one of two modes: as an X/Y joystick (with Hold function) for expressive performance, or as a single-button mouse for direct computer control. Users can assign separate MIDI control changes to be sent to the X-axis (left/right) and Y-axis (forward/back), allowing intuitive control over two simultaneous parameters.

Each K-series model comes bundled with Korg’s M1 Le software synthesizer, a complete software version of the classic M1 Music Workstation. Popular for its distinctive sounds, the vintage M1 is now available as a stand-alone software synthesizer or as a plug-in (VST, Audio Units and RTAS formats) running within most popular sequencer and DAW applications. As a bonus, K-series users can upgrade at a special “Preferred Owner” price to the Korg Legacy Collection – Digital Edition, which comprises a significantly enhanced version of the M1 software synthesizer, the WAVESTATION v1.5 software synthesizer and the MDE-X v1.2 multi-effect plug-in.

Mac and Windows editor software is included with each K-series controller, making it easy to create, edit and manage “scenes” on the computer. Template scenes for popular music production programs and software synthesizers are also provided. Additionally, free demo versions of some popular software titles are included: the Korg Legacy Collection, Live-5 by Ableton, Lounge Lizard EP-3, Ultra Analog VA-1, and String Studio VS-1 from Applied Acoustic Systems and Reason 3.0 by Propellerhead.

The Korg K-series Controllers can be powered via a USB connection to a personal computer, or with an optional AC adapter.

The Korg K25 is available late February 2006; K49 is available late April; and K61 is available in June. U.S. MSRPs are TBA.

Purchasers in the U.S. who register new K-series products at korg.com will receive a certificate that extends the product warranty for an extra year from the date of purchase.

More information is available at the Korg site.

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