2006 Winter NAMM Update: Edirol Motion Dive .Tokyo

NAMM Update: Edirol introduced a new hardware/software combination that they call “a breakthrough product that integrates the flexibility of software with the hands-on ease of hardware.”

edirol motion dive .tokyo

Edirol’s “motion dive .tokyo performance package” consists of the visual software “motion dive .tokyo” bundled with Edirol’s MD-P1, a dedicated control console that connects via USB. Together, this package takes visual performances to the next level using intuitive DJ mixer-like controls such as a crossfader and knobs.

Just like taking two musical tracks and fading them back and forth, scratching or adding effects, the idea is the same with motion dive. Use the smooth A/B Fader to alternate between channel A and B, scratch the clips rhythmically with the Scratch controls, and use the front-panel knobs to control color-EQ effects and BPM. Select video clips quickly by dragging and dropping them into the A and B output channels, or by using the large dial and Channel buttons on the controller.

aedirol motion dive

With motion dive, the visuals can played and remixed in real time along with the music. The performances can be recorded and played back as one piece of artwork. Motion dive receives MIDI messages, therefore MIDI-compatible instruments can be connected to the controller unit for live video triggering. Images can be automatically generated from note and velocity information input via external MIDI device, such as Roland’s V-Drums. Create performances that synchronize music with images for stunning visual effects.

Motion dive accepts QuickTime movies and most picture formats from digital cameras, as well as AVI and MPEG files, and Macromedia Flash content. To get started right away, motion dive comes with a video library created by top professional VJ artists. Motion dive is compatible with Mac and PC.

More information is available at the Edirol site.

One thought on “2006 Winter NAMM Update: Edirol Motion Dive .Tokyo

  1. Roland never developed 64-bit Windows drivers. You need to have a Mac with OS X. I tried it with OS X running in Oracle VM VirtualBox, which fully supports the Motion Dive, in Windows 7 64-bit, but with no 64-bit Windows drivers, the signals can’t pass between the Motion Dive and the VirtualBox OS X. Bummer. I have to use my other laptop running XP 32-bit. Of course, I got the Motion Dive for use with my V-Synth GT, so I can just plug the MD directly with the keyboard by MIDI and not have to worry about an external computer at all.

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