Steinberg Announces Mactel Commitment

NAMM 2006 Winter Show Update: Steinberg Media Technologies announced its commitment to developing its audio software products such as Cubase and Nuendo for the latest generation of Intel-based Macintosh computers.

“Steinberg’s development activity for this exciting new platform is continuing apace,” says Steinberg’s Director of Engineering, Markus Stehlik. “The latest version of our VST plug-in standard released at the NAMM show already supports the Mac/Intel hardware platform, and future Mac versions of our products will also support the new standard,” Stehlik adds.

Steinberg has already engineered test versions of its Cubase and Nuendo host applications for the new platform ahead of a future commercial release for the Mac/Intel versions. “We’re very pleased with our progress in the development for Mac/Intel and will be offering full support in later versions of Cubase and Nuendo in 2006,” comments Claus Menke, Steinberg’s Director of Product Management.

More information is available at the Steinberg site.

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