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BleepsBleeps and Bloops is a Live Journal blog that follows the creating of a modular synthesizer built around modules.

From the site:

What this journal is about?

I’m building a modular synthesizer over the next year (and beyond!) through’s “Build a Modular Synthesizer in a Year!” program, or as I call it, the “Module of the Month club.” The basic concept is that in exchange for a reasonable payment each month, will send me a new piece – or “module” – that I will incorporate into the ever-expanding synthesizer. The journal will chronicle this process with writing/observations, pictures of the work-in-progress, and sound examples of the fun and kooky things that this machine can do.

The site also features audio snippets of each module as it is added.

8 thoughts on “Bleeps and Bloops – Modular Synth Blog

  1. True analog modular gear is making a comeback, and is probably the main reason. I hope they're easier to maintain than the beloved Moogs of yore. The filters sure sound Moog-ish, if all the YouTube videos are anything to go by.

    Wish I could afford to do this, too. I'd do the same starter kit, but I just know I wouldn't be satisfied until I had tons more modules, plus a couple of Roland Space Echos, loads of MIDI-CV converters, the whole 9 yards.

  2. I agree. (as well as Doepfer) are increasing the quality and quantity of modular systems that are available. The prices are still too high for most casual musician, especially with the explosion of software synthesizers. But for me, there's no substitute for real hardware, real analog circuits.

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