NAMM Update: Bob Moog Tribute Poster

Moog Tribute PosterNAMM 2006 Winter Show: Moog Music gave musicians and fans an opportunity to pay tribute to Bob Moog by writing a message on a memorial poster.

Many messages and signatures were collected on the poster, which will proudly be on display at the Moog Music factory in remembrance of Bob Moog, a true pioneer in the world of electronic music.

Moog ignited the world of electronic music by creating the modular electronic music synthesizer. Other electronic musical instruments came before, but Moog’s was the first to achieve popular adoption by musicians. Besides engineering some of the most highly regarded electronic musical instruments of all time, Moog wrote extensively about electronic music.

In addition to his modular synthesizer, Moog is known for the Minimoog, a hugely popular portable synthesizer; theremins; and more recently, the Moogerfooger guitar pedals.

The company invites fans of Moog to come sign the poster, when in Asheville, NC. Call 800.948.1990 to set up a tour.

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