Fussible – No One Over 21

fussible no one over 21Fussible, a solo project of electronica artist Pepe Mogt, is an interesting mix of electronica and traditional Mexican folk idioms. The ‘tech-mex’ CD is a download-only release, available through the Sonic360 site and iTunes.

No One Over 21 pushes percussion to the foreground, but not just the standard 4/4 dance beats. Mogt uses programmed beats to help propell the tracks, but adds interest with syncopated percussion drum loops. By combining house beats and Latin rhythm, Mogt creates a hypnotic hybrid. Mogt is from Tijuana originally, and his music seems to reflect town’s mix of influences.

Highlights of the CD include the funky polyrhythms of Radio, the combination of strange vocals and retro-80s beats of Las Cajas Del Ritmo, and funky syncopation of Sitema Local Sound System.

Fussible’s No One Over 21 is a category-bending release, part intelligent dance music, part house, and part world music.

Visit http://www.sonic360.com for more info and audio samples.


  • Original radio edit
  • Las Cajas Del Ritmo remix
  • Capri remix
  • Clorofila’s Adelitas edit
  • Linga Remix
  • Dj Matsuoka remix
  • SLSS remix
  • IPZ remix

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