Are You America’s Biggest Electronic Music Fan?

On August 18 & 19th, international superstar DJ/producer Paul van Dyk makes his return to New York City’s Central Park. This event marks the culmination of the highly acclaimed Politics of Dancing 2 US Tour.

Paul van Dyk’s annual Central Park performance has become one of New York City’s most popular summer concerts and is a testament to the vitality of electronic music.

Made Event is excited to announce the launch of Get Made – an interactive contest that searches the U.S. for the biggest and most loyal electronic music fan. Made Event wants to know if you have what it takes to promote like one of the electronic music industry’s most successful promotional organizations. One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive an all expense paid trip to New York City for both Central Park performances!

“Get Made” contestants will be asked to create highly original ways to promote the Central Park events. It doesn’t matter how big or small their town is; what counts is unparalleled creativity and passion. We’re looking for “Get Made” contestants to photograph or video tape their creative promotional techniques and send them to us as part of their official entry. Made Event will scan through every submission and narrow the field down to the “Get Made” Final Four.

On June 28, the “Get Made” Final Four will be revealed exclusively on Then, it will be up to Paul van Dyk’s own fans to decide which of the “Get Made” Final Four contestants has the best promotional skills. Fans will determine the winner of “Get Made” by actually buying tickets through a dedicated link that corresponds to each individual “Get Made” Final Four contestant, in effect voting for their favorite! The Grand Prize Winner and Runner-up will be announced Monday, August 7 on

Here’s how it works:

1) Beginning May 25, Paul van Dyk fans are invited to sign up for the “Get Made” contest at

2) It is the job of “Get Made” contestants to conceive the most original ways of promoting the Central Park events to their own town and the entire globe via the web.

3) From May 24 – June 23 “Get Made” contestants will have the opportunity to submit proof of their great promotional work. Made Event will personally review every submission and narrow the field down to their “Get Made” Final Four promoters. (For full submission details go to ).

4) On June 28, the “Get Made” Final Four contestants will be announced exclusively at

5) Each of the four “Get Made” finalists will be given their own personal link with which to sell tickets and the winner will be determined by the number of “votes” they receive (i.e. ticket sales.) This means the winner of “Get Made” will be chosen by YOU. You have the power to choose the greatest electronic music fan in the U.S.!

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