Got 60K? Get an EMS Synthi 100 Analogue Synthesizer!

EMS Synthi 100Got an extra $60,000 lying around?

Then you might want to check out the EMS Synthi 100 Analgue Synthesizer, in pristine condition, that’s on sale at eBay.

The Synthi 100 is fitted with two patch panels with two 60×60 matrix boards, one for the signals and one for the voltages.

This is a list with the modules:

  • 12 x Voltage Controlled Oscillator.
  • x Noise Generator.
  • 3 x Ring Modulator.
  • 4 x Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter.
  • 4 x Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter.
  • 3 x Trapezoid Envelope Generator.
  • 2 x Voltage Controlled Reverberation.
  • Octave Filter Bank
  • Slew limiter.
  • Envelope Follower.
  • Pitch to Voltage Converter.
  • 8 x Input Amplifier.
  • 9 x Stereo Output Amplifier.
  • 2 x Joysticks.
  • 2 x5 Octave Dynamic Keyboards.
  • 3 256 Step Digital Sequencer.
  • Oscilloscope (not on the picture).
  • Frequency meter counter.

via MatrixSynth

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