Code Indigo – Chill

Chill is the latest CD from Code Indigo, a collaboration between David Wright and Robert Fox. Both artists work in various combinations with others and in solo formats, but have an ongoing relationship as a new age/ambient/space rock group as Code Indigo.

On this album, Wright & Fox are joined by Dave Massey (production, rhythm and bass programming) and Andy Lobban (lead and rhythm guitars). The addition of Lobban makes this collection different from other Code Indigo releases, with guitars placed front and center on many tracks.

Chill is an excellent collection of downtempo numbers. The tracks have the haunting appeal of early Pink Floyd and Vangelis’ work for Blade Runner. Filtered vocals frequently burble around the mix, and echo effects take sounds from left to right speakers.

Throughout the CD, the synthesizer work is great, moving from ambient effects to melodic space music seamlessly. Lobban’s guitar work adds an emotional pull to the melodies and a sense of restrained power.

Highlights of the CD are Chill, a beautiful mellow track that backs a new age piano solo with gorgeous airy synth orchestration; Vapour Tales, which has a murky Blade Runner feel to it; and the excellent Culture Shift, which combines sampled “found sounds”, world instruments, tasty synth work and ambient guitar effects. Code Indigo also uses several melodies as recurring themes throughout the CD, and a consistent sound palette, giving the CD a nice sense of continuity.

Code Indigo’s Chill is a great collection of synth music that should appeal to fans of new age, ambient and space rock. Check the Code Indigo site for track samples and purchase options.


  • Autumn Fades
  • Chill
  • Vapour Tales
  • Ten Degrees per Second
  • Vapour Trails
  • Back with Weather – Calm
  • Back with Weather – Storm
  • Vapour
  • Cultures
  • Culture Shift
  • Vapour Tails
  • Lost Radio (tuning in)
  • Lost Radio (prog 1)
  • Lost Radio (prog 2)
  • Lost Radio (tuning out)

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