Music Unfolding Intros OttoVibe

Music Unfolding has introduced, OttoVibe, an auto/touch effect with MIDI control. OttoVibe works much like an envelope-controlled filter, except that instead of a filter, it has a modulation section. The envelope controls the rate and depth of the modulation effect.


OttoVibe has a variety of effects including tremolo, vibrato, panning, and chorus. Altogether, OttoVibe has eight different types of effects. The thing that makes OttoVibe interesting is that the effects can be dynamically manipulated using “touch” or expression pedal controls, much the same way a touch wah works.

According to Music Unfolding, “Even though OttoVibe tends to be more subtle than its siblings (OttoPhormant and OttoPhilter), it is very expressive.”

OttoVibe is $19.99 and is available for OS X as a Universal Binary.

More information and a demo are available at the Music Unfolding site.

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