Trogotronic Intros Analog Gear Made By Barbarians

Trogotronic, a group of urban barbarians, has updated their line of handmade sound manglers.

trogotronic 655

Model 655 Analog Generator/Effect $135.00

A little sister to the “665”, the Six-FIFTY-FIVE adds an oscillator but looses a pre-amp chip, a few knobs and $45 off the sticker price. Hear samples on the website alone and effecting poorly played guitar and really bad digital drums.

CV Controller Joystick $165.00

Necessity is the mother of invention: frustration with an interface born before the light bulb between myself and an analog modular synth’ begat the “Iron Cross CV”. It is an Analog Synthesizer Controller Joystick compatible with any synth’ rig that uses the control voltage standard and is available in right or left handed configurations. Hear a quick and extremely dirty demo of one working out with a real nice PAIA on the website.

trogotronic iron cross

Iron Cross 2.0 Audio Controller $200

Yeah, we know, 200 bucks is a lot… But it’s also a lot LESS than 300+ bucks that it cost to buy version one… Those who bought one then have never looked back and “won’t leave home without one”. Those who still don’t have any idea what this thing is about might be a little closer to finding out:

The stick itself is a premium, heavy duty Japanese job with action and feel superior to anything available here in the states. Problem is the the best materials are cumbersome and expensive to import.

So we refined the design and chassis materials to make the unit easier to use, easier to build and cheaper to produce… everybody wins including the curious and elusive grandpa selling the best joystick on earth in his 2 square meter shop in Nippon.

For the first time at there’s a sound sample (thanks to the fellas in Geronimo) of the Iron Cross in action.

trogotronic landmine

Land Mine “True” Bypass $50

Claymore Super Bypass $100

Since we recommend NOT jumping feet first on any of the analog generators that we sell we offer sturdy little stomp-boxes to take the hit.

LAND MINE is as simple as can be: one stomp is “on”, one more is “off”. “On” routes the signal through the effects send jacks, “off” bypasses the effects loop altogether. Or it can control a signal by ignoring the bypass altogether and using the box alone as an on/off switch.

CLAYMORE works the same but has two extra switches… the switch on the right works the same as the Landmine’s but the one on the left is a momentary, only “on” as long as you step on it. The middle switch selects which of the two is being used, and the indicator lamps tell which of the two is active.

Both are passive ‘true” bypass designs (to make sure the sound you put in is the sound you get out) and both are compatible with any gear that uses 1/4″ phono plugs… so you could route signal to an auxiliary amp’ or to and from your Barbarian with a tap of the toe.

All of these things are at and all are hand built by Free-Range, non organic Smog-Breathing Troglodytes in LBC, USA.

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