Trogotronic Announces CD Contest

Trogotronic has announced a competition to showcase musicians that use the company’s subterranean fx and crude audio and CV controllers.

trogotronicThumbprint Press will release1000 Audio CD pressing of 15 artists using their Trogotronic gear. 15 artists will be selected from the submissions received on or before the deadline of February 27th 2007.

Their music using Trogotronic gear will constitute the release. According to Trogotronic, “each artist that appears will get their share of 50 CDs from the pressing which will assure them nothing more than even less respect from their respective dwindling peer groups.”

To submit a recording using Trogotronic gear follow these Three Extremely Difficult steps:

  1. Make a CDR with 0-6 minute AIFF Track(s) using Trogotronic Gear with or without effects, live or multi tracked using the Trogotronic gear as an instrument or as an effect or control over other instruments.
  2. Take and make a Photo of your Trogotronic box in its un-natural setting.
  3. Fill out submission form in full, sign / date and mail all three items to:

Trogotronic USA
CD / Comp
PO Box 683
San Pedro, CA 90733

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