Digidesign Launches Structure Sampler Beta Test

Winter NAMM Show: Digidesign announced Digidesign Structure, the latest RTAS virtual instrument plug-in developed by the Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group.

A professional sampler workstation designed and optimized specifically for Pro Tools, Structure includes a premium comprehensive sample library from EastWest and features support for importing SampleCell, EXS24, and Kontakt 2 sample libraries.

“Everybody’s been highly anticipating the Digidesign sampler, so expectations couldn’t be higher,” asserts Peter Gorges, director of Digidesign’s A.I.R. group. “With Structure, we feel we’ve designed a real sampling workhorse that runs smoothly in very large sessions and is ready to cope with the most demanding high-end sample libraries. Of course, seamless integration with the Pro Tools audio engine was a top priority on this project, as it ensures the superior performance and stability of the plug-in. Finally, we wanted to make sure Structure offers the articulation and playability that Pro Tools users expect—all without sacrificing its ease of operation.”
Structure features an 128-level multitimbral universal sound engine and support for an unlimited number of nestable patches and up to 8-channel interleaved samples. Structure delivers superior performance and reliability thanks to its direct integration with the Pro Tools audio engine, and supports all standard bit depths, sample rates, and surround formats (up to 24-bit/192 kHz/7.1 surround). With its powerful database and integrated file browser, users can quickly find and load the sound they’re after, or simply drag and drop Pro Tools Regions directly into Structure and tweak them using the plug-ins’ integrated sample editor. Structure also features an integrated multi-effects processing engine including convolution reverb, and samples in Structure can be played back via disk streaming or solely from RAM.

Gorges adds, “Structure, in its first incarnation, already adds yet another substantial element to Pro Tools as a music creation platform. And let’s not forget that this is just the beginning, as Structure is going to grow with Pro Tools, and its core technology is going to provide the foundation for many innovative instruments to come.”

Digidesign Structure Public Beta Program

Digidesign will soon be launching a Structure public beta program open to a limited number of participants. More details and the official beta program kickoff announcement will be posted at www.digidesign.com/structure.

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