Edirol Intros PCR-300/500/800 Keyboard MIDI Controllers

Edirol USB MIDI control keyboard

At the Winter NAMM Show, the MIDI keyboard controllers introduced were uniformly more powerful and more affordable than ever.

Edirol introduced the PCR-300/-500/-800 line, which all offer more controls than previous models, including an array of sliders and even a DJ-style crossfader.

The new keyboards provide a wider dynamic range under the player’s fingertips, while new aftertouch sensors allow the keyboardist to play more expressively. Smooth key action, keys shaped for comfortable glissando playing, silent operation, and stable key mounting all contribute to the enhanced playability of these keyboards.

The new PCR series has all the existing controls of the previous range, but adds exciting new features, such as velocity pads — perfect for playing drums and triggering sampler phrases. These precision pads can operate as buttons or velocity pads, and the handy LED indicators identify if they are velocity or fixed-velocity.

The new Crossfader allows you to control two parameters at the same time, and can work as a DAW software control for zooming screen views, as well as for synthesizer filters and DJ gestures. The new longer-throw sliders can control eight track faders and one master fader, or function as organ drawbars.

Dynamic Mapping allows the PCR to automatically assign its physical controls to the most important parameters in the current window of the software being used. Fifteen user memories are provided for storing your favorite setups. When using software that’s not compatible with Dynamic Mapping, you can manually configure the Control Map settings from the PCR itself or the included PCR Editor Software (Mac or Win).

3 thoughts on “Edirol Intros PCR-300/500/800 Keyboard MIDI Controllers

  1. This is deffently one of the best around i’ve just brought myself one and im loving it, make recording so much simpler plus the affects you can get out of this little beast are amazing. If you planning on buying a midi go for one of the PCR’s. I’d recommend over any of the others i’ve seen on the market.

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