Radial Intros JDX Direct Box For Guitar Amplifiers

Radial JDX Direct boxWinter NAMM Show: The Radial JDX is a direct box designed specifically for guitar amplifiers to let you capture the sound of the guitar amp and cabinet combination via a reactive load and advanced cabinet emulation.

According to Radial President, Peter Janis: “It is common practice for guitarists to place a microphone right in front of their guitar amp to capture the guitar sound and send it to the PA or recording system. The problem is that when the mic is so close to the speaker cone, a slight change in mic position will significantly alter the sound. This is further exacerbated by the room acoustics which will vary considerably from stage to stage. By providing a second, more dependable signal source, the sound engineer is better equipped to get up and running quickly. This reduces the variables and results in a better, more consistent tone for the audience.”

The Radial JDX employs 100% discreet class-A circuitry with an active differential drive to ensure the best possible audio is transferred from the amp to the audio system. Connections are straight ahead with ‘from amp’ and ‘to speaker’ cable connections. A balanced, mic level XLR output connects to the mixing console and is equipped with a ground lift to eliminate ground loops and 180° polarity reverse to help correct absolute phasing issues.

Janis continues: “We have also just announced the Radial Phazer™ which I believe truly completes the whole ‘guitar amp, microphone and direct feed’ picture. When combining a mic’d signal with a direct feed, the direct feed will arrive slightly ahead of the mic due to the time it takes for the guitar amp signal to pas through the speaker and the air to reach the microphone element. By time aligning the fundamental frequency of these two sources using the Phazer, you can really fatten up the sound. Once you find the sweet spot; the guitar tone gets huge! I believe this will be very well accepted by the more demanding musicians on tour, especially since the advent of digital mixing consoles and in-ear monitors. Today, many bands do not even do sound checks anymore because their sound is in their earphones! The JDX will bring yet another level of consistency to the sound and make it easier and faster to be up and running every night.”

As with all Radial direct boxes, the JDX features welded 14 gauge steel construction and a unique I-beam internal frame to ensure years of trouble free performance, even when subjected to the harsh reality of concert touring. A full bottom no-slip rubber pad is provided that at once reduces the chance for the JDX from falling off a double stack Marshall, but also provides electrical insulation from those nasty high-voltage tube amp chassis screws. The JDX comes with an external 15VDC power supply and is supported with a 3-year transferable warranty.

Available Feb 07 (estimated)
JDX Reactor suggested list price: $249 USD

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