Aquawicket Releases Mega Electronic Drum Processor

Edrum monitor

Edrum Monitor was created to add more options to Admir’s Edrum 8ch, 16ch, and 22ch drum modules and is also compatible with any drum module with MIDI output ability.
The purpose of the app is to aid in making electronic drums sound more realistic to the true nature of an acoustic drum set, along with almost unlimited routing capabilities.

The Edrum Monitor Idea:

  • Processing the raw MIDI signals from your drum module, or MIDI device to get a more realistic sounding output
  • Extra features for your electronic drums so you can tweak each and every little detail
  • MIDI data monitoring and visual meters to get a fine tuned output

22 Channels of MIDI processing

Edrum monitor can process up to 22 individual MIDI triggers with complete input and output re mapping. Each channel strip consists of multiple controls and options for processing the MIDI input signals.

Dual piezo detection

Edrum monitor can be configured for up to 10 dual piezo drums for advanced processing such as volume balancing, piezo priority, position sensing and MIDI CC variable output.

Automatic Retrigger detection

Clean out all of the false drum hits with a precise, auto-learning retrigger function for every channel. Edrum Monitor can automatically detect the rate of false triggers and remove them while not cutting out your drum rolls and flams. Some retriggers are very hard to hear by ear, so this makes setup a breeze.

Joystick and Mouse Input

Convert your Joystick into MIDI signals with analog and button support. With your joystick you can generate MIDI Notes, MIDI CC signals, and soon. Key Aftertouch signals for “chokes” or maybe just something custom. Or use your mouse wheel to control the hi-hat or MIDI CC signals.

2 thoughts on “Aquawicket Releases Mega Electronic Drum Processor

  1. I’m using this to Trigger ToonTrack Superior Drummer S20 Metal Foundry with a iON iED05 Kit and it works well but the only thing that’s wrong is that the pads are too sensitive so when i hit the snare for instance it keeps setting off the Crash even though i hav’nt hit it. Even walking past the kit set’s off random drum hits. In the game software that comes with the kit i found pad sensitivity controls but i cannot find anythi9ng like this in Aquawicket DrumMon.
    I Installed MIDIYOKE NT on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Then Aquawicket DrumMonitor v1.0 because newer versions that that won’y work on my Windows for some reason ?
    Anyway I used the “Learn” function on each channel to sense each pad then assigned a drum sound from Superior Drummer S20 MIDI assignments list and the kit works well double kicks & all exept for the pads being too sensitive and triggering each other through hit vibration
    I need some kind of Pad input sensitivity control to turn down the sensitivity of each pads input so this does’nt happen. Is there such a function in DrumMon 1.0 ? There are many controls i don’t understand in the software & i was hoping that you could point me in the right direction.

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