EastWest Ministry of Rock Virtual Instrument Library

Ministry of RockEastWest has introduced Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock, a huge 18 gigabyte collection of rock drums, basses and guitars recorded in EASTWEST Studio 2, featured on countless platinum and gold records.

Ministry of Rock was created with one goal in mind: to create a virtual instrument capable of producing sounds that can actually produce a hit record or film score without any live drum, bass or guitar overdubs. Articulations and programming were all reverse engineered from actual performances.

  • Drum kits sampled for Ministry of Rock include Octaplus (nine toms), Ayotte, Ludwig and Gretsch, the latter the actual kit used to make Metallica’s “Black” album. Drum kits are also optimized for use with Roland V-Drums.
  • Basses include Fender P-Bass Custom, Fender 5-string, Specter and Kubiki basses. All were recorded through an Ampeg SVT and an Ashdown rig.
  • Guitars recorded for Ministry of Rock include Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez Universe 7 and various PRS guitars, all recorded through Marshall, Fender, Bogner, Vox and Budda amplifiers.

Special features of Ministry of Rock include:

  • Legato bass and guitar samples
  • Legato and staccato repetitions
  • Truly playable rhythm guitars and leads, clean and distorted release samples
  • Guitars and basses recorded in dual amp configurations
  • Software allows the user to choose amplifier, or mix the sound from both amps
  • Dynamic bass that can play everything from ballads to the most hardcore music imaginable
  • Round robin bass drums, snares, toms and hats
  • Performance drum hits extracted from live playing
  • Approximately 18 gigabytes of rock drums, basses and guitars recorded in the world-famous EASTWEST Studio 2
  • Superior reverb impulses recorded by Prof. Keith O. Johnson and Nick Phoenix

Ministry of Rock carries a $495 MSRP.

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